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RECORDING Goal-Setting for the New Year: How to Set Your Business Up for Success

Posted by PointA_PointB on November 15, 2011

Enjoy this 30-minute teleclass on what you need to know about setting effective goals that are more likely to be accomplished for your small business in the New Year.

About the Panel

* Catherine Morgan is a Transition and Entrepreneur Coach who helps professionals from the financial services, professional services, or technology industries establish and grow successful services businesses such as consulting or coaching practices. http://pointatopointbtransitions.com

* Cathy Presland is a Business Strategy Expert who teaches women entrepreneur how to grow their business while creating more time freedom. She specializes in working with women to create a sustainable income from marketing and building a business online.  http://cathypresland.com

* Victoria Cook is a Coach transforming the lives of women business owners from overwhelm, overwork, and over commitment to achieving their BIG goals and living guilt-free without sacrificing what’s most important to them personally. http://www.theguiltfreecoach.com

Join us as we discuss the answers to these 4 questions:

1. Why do I need New Year’s goals and what is the benefit of having them?
2. Is there a rule of thumb to use for revenue goals?
3. How detailed should my planning be and how often should I do this?
4. Are there any strategies to help ensure I actually achieve my goals?

This call is full of useful, actionable content. This is *not* a pitch-fest.

Listen to the call here 

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