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It’s Our Anniversary!

Posted by PointA_PointB on May 27, 2011

How do you summarize a year in business in 5 minutes? Quickly!

I want to thank my amazing clients. It has been my privilege and joy to serve you this past year.

4 Responses to “It’s Our Anniversary!”

  1. DianeDP said

    When I first heard how stuff came at you, stuff like layoffs and job changes that you had no control over whatsoever, I knew that you would be an understanding, empathic listener, and indeed, I was right on the money! Catherine, you are not only whip-smart, extremely helpful to job seekers, and have skills and energy in the career coaching industry, but you are also a pleasure to work with! I look forward to your next year, groundbreaking new paths and reaching more milestones!

    • Thank you so much, Diane! I really appreciate your kind words and am looking forward to working with you and Susan over the next year. You Mojo40 Mavens are doing such great work.

  2. Mary-Lynn said

    Catherine, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It is so impressive all that you have done in just 1 year. I knew when I met you at SOBCON that you were a special person and a smart entrepreneur. Thanks for all that you have done to help me grow and thanks for all that you are doing for others.

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