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Daily e-mail tips for job seekers

Posted by PointA_PointB on July 16, 2010

Note: This product has been launched. It is my gift to you. Please sign up here.

We are currently working on a new information product for job seekers that we hope you will find valuable, informative, and entertaining. I think we can all agree that staying focused, motivated, and moving forward are the hardest parts of the job-search process. The goal of these e-mails is to provide valuable tips and to check in with you every day to help you be more successful in your search. Are you willing to help us test this idea and let us know if you find our e-mails valuable?

What will you get?

You will get a daily e-mail with one or two thoughts about a specific topic like resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking, etc. It may include links to our thought leadership or other websites, blog posts, or videos that we think you might find useful.

What will we get?

We will get to test out our content and technology to make sure that it is something our prospective clients will find valuable.

Are you willing to help?

We would greatly appreciate it if you would sign up via the opt-in box link below. We are setting up a special test e-mail list for this project so we need you to register even if you have registered on our website. Our e-mail list software provider will not let us enter e-mails directly. Here is the link to our opt-in form for this project.  <Original link deleted>

Please give us feedback!

After you have received our e-mails for seven days, please let us know if you found them helpful or not. Also, please send us any suggestions you might have about how we can make these better or examples of content you would like to see included.

Thank you so much for your help with this.

Catherine Morgan

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