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Thinking about physical distance

Posted by PointA_PointB on May 25, 2010

So I have found myself thinking about physical distance and what it means in the business world these days. I just got back from a trip to Florida to see my sister and my baby nephew. I felt like I had to physically transport myself there to hold my nephew and interact with him. It was a great trip and I feel refreshed. However, as I was on my way back home, I was on the free Wi-Fi at the airport and saw that my very good friend who lives in Berlin was available on Skype. I initiated a video call and was able to chat with her for a few minutes before we started boarding. How cool was that? I was using Wi-Fi for free and had a free international long-distance chat with a great friend who I rarely get to see face to face! The experience may be common for many of you but this was my first international Skype call and it absolutely blew my mind. In the last few years the advances in technology have been astounding and the cost structure has gone to cheap or free.

A goal of Point A to Point B Transitions is to be a virtual company that highly leverages technology to better serve our clients and enable greater flexibility for me and my partners. With something like Skype we can provide the personal touch of a one-on-one meeting at times that fit with our clients’ schedules. Has physical distance ceased to be a barrier in the business world? I am a strong proponent of a global, mobile workforce but would love to hear your thoughts about this and when you think being physically present is necessary and when you think it is not.


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